Monday, February 2, 2015

Manic Monday Four On The Floor--For Heaven's Sake, Get A Shirt!!

Nadine Grail, daughter of Earth's president, has been kidnapped!!

For how much?!?

One million decimars? So 100,000 mars?!?!

Metric jokes--they never get old!

Just so we're clear on that ransom demand...

In the far future, hastily-scrawled notes are still the best way to deliver ransom demands:

Oh, Anders Zorn, you cad!!

Meanwhile, World Federation undercover agent Mike Gordon is on the trail...despite some questionable clothing choices:

I'm no scientist, but even with a space helmet, I wouldn't think that wandering around shirtless for days on the moon is a good idea.

Still, the ladies seem to like it...

And Nadine joins him in having large amounts of exposed flesh in a vacuum.

Really, that can't be good...

From Strange Worlds #9 (1952)


SallyP said...

Yes, it hard to see what good it is to wear a space helmet... but no oxygen tank.

Smurfswacker said...

Was the villain in the story really named after the legendary Swedish painter, or was the signature an artist's in-joke from Kinstler? I also like the line "watch for details." They'll probably be on Eyewitness News at 11.

snell said...

That really was the villain's name--it's in a few word balloons--but obviously that still could have been an in-joke.