Saturday, May 12, 2018

Unseen, But Not Unheard

Hey, you all remember how Marvel retconned Nick Fury into a genocidal maniac who wiped out entire alien races, right? How they had him murder the Watcher for no reason that made a lick of sense? How, after wallowing in the desecration of a hero, they had the Watchers turn Nick into "The Unseen" and chain him to the moon, forcing him to fulfill Uatu's old duties?

Yeah, four years later, that still sucks worse than anything Marvel has ever done.

 So, has Nick been doing?

Er, yeah. That sounds precisely like Nick Fury.

Look, if you wanted someone who would act exactly like the Watcher and talk exactly like the Watcher and be punished by the Watcher Council for breaking Watcher rules...then why the hell did you kill the Watcher?

By the same token, if you had to make Nick Fury become The Unseen, maybe have him talk or think like Nick Fury, and not like, say Uatu?!?

What was the freakin' point, if you're going to make Fury/Unseen a straight palette swap for Uatu? Here was a chance to maybe do something new and original with the omniscient observer idea, to see what another character would do...and they just give us Watcher Lite, washing away any identifiable characteristics of Nick Fury.

Heavy sigh...

From Exiles #2 (2018)

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