Tuesday, May 8, 2018

My Mind Is Too Dirty For This Game!

Look, I've tried and tried...

...but all the punchlines I come up with are just too naughty. You guys see what you can come up with, OK?

BONUS: Apparently, Millie has already picked out her wedding dress, which you'd think would be a bit of a faux paus for a model:

I mean, first of all, she doesn't even have a fiancee yet. Secondly, since she's nowhere near having a wedding date yet, she can't have any idea of whether or not this dress would still be in fashion when the big day rolls around.


Gotta love paper dolls!!

From Millie The Model #100 (1961)

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top_cat_james said...

" ♫ Pettin' in the park
Bad boy!
Pettin' in the dark
Bad girl.
First you pet a little,
Let up a little,
Then you get a little kiss...