Tuesday, May 15, 2018

A Healthy Relationship!!

Con man Wilbur Wolfingham has taken up a new calling:

Bilking the lovelorn out of their hard-earned bucks.

Lois decides she has to expose him (again):

Gee, we haven't heard that lately.

Ah, but Lois is too clever to let on that she's there as a reporter!

Her story?!?

So why is Wolfingham helping?

"As heretofore."

So Wilbur meets up with mild-mannered Clark Kent.

Oh, Clark, you poor sap. You actually believe it!

Prepare to get let done hard. Very very hard. Unnecessarily hard.

Oh, Lois, you rhymes with witch.

What's good for the goose, though, is good for the gander, as Lois finds out when Clark turns the tables on her:

Ladies and gentleman--you should hate these people and their games, not root for them to get married.

Anyhoo, Superman put Wolfingham out of business, and arranges for weddings for the couples he was swindling:

Oh, Lois...#$%&*

From Superman #39 (1946)

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Mista Whiskas said...

When I see these convoluted Golden Age Superman storylines I can't help but just think, Christ Almighty, invent Kryptonite or Braniac already! You created an uber-powerful protagonist right off the bat, how much of a leap is it to figure you'd have to create an equivalent antagonist or limiting agent pretty soon lest you have to resort to this type of crap.