Thursday, May 17, 2018

Have I Mentioned That 1970s Spider-Man Was The Best Spider-Man?

Why was 1970s Spider-Man the best Spider-Man?

Two words: Ross Andru.

OK, three more words: "and Mike Esposito," as he was almost always Andru's inker on Amazing.

This is in no way to throw shade at any other Spider artist, before or after. But Ross Andru was the guy drawing Spider-Man when I started reading it, and to my eyes he will always be *the* Spider-Man artist. His creative page & panel layouts, his ability to capture how ridiculously fast and inhuman Spidey's movements must have looked...

Yeah, yeah, nostalgia and all that. I cop to it.

But for, Ross Andru is a big reason that 1970s Spider-Man was the best Spider-Man.

From Amazing Spider-Man #153 (1976)

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anthrax2525 said...

I had that ish way back when. Great artwork serving a great story.