Saturday, May 26, 2018

A Faustian Beat-Down!

With a cover like this... pretty know with metaphysical certitude that it's Dr. Faustus story.

On the other hand, if it were a Spider-Man cover, you could be 100% sure it was a Mysterio story.

[Editor's Note:

The exception that proves the rule!]

Anyway, Cap has thwarted the evil psychiatrist's latest scheme...but the fight's not over yet...


You may think Cap won here...but wait until he gets Faustus' bill for this session!!

BONUS: Peggy Carter in action!

Oh, Peggy...

From Captain America #162 (1973). Amazing Spider-Man #170 is from 1977

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Dale Bagwell said...

Well, I certainly learned two things today; 1). Spider-Man has fought Dr. Faustus before,

and 2). He outweighs and is taller than Cap, and possibly stronger than Cap. Well, at least back then.

Good to know.