Thursday, May 17, 2018

Superman--Champion Of The Little People!

Con man Wilbur Wolfingham is at it again, trying to swindle folks by posing as a love counselor.

Especially for the idle rich...

Well, you know what's going to happen here.

So Superman intervenes, and comes up with a...better...solution:

"You can live in one until you're tired of it, then in the other."

Meanwhile, people in Suicide Slum are fighting evictions by evil landlords. Glad you've got your priorities straight, Kal-El.

Keep helping the oppressed, Superman!

From Superman #39 (1946)

1 comment:

George Chambers said...

"My land!"

"No need to thank me, ma'am, it's all in a day's work."

"No, I mean you put down that house on MY LAND! My flower garden, in fact! And what's the good of a house without planning approval, no connections to water, electricity or gas, and is falling to pieces because HOUSES AREN'T BUILT TO BE FLOWN AROUND BY SUPERMEN?"

"... whoops, my super-hearing just picked up a cat stuck up a tree! Gotta go!"

(House collapses as soon as Supes leaves)