Monday, May 21, 2018

Manic Monday--In 3-D!!

You know who went really big for the 3-D craze of the early 1950s?

Harvey Comics!

Yeah, the cover wasn't in had to have it decipherable to those who hadn't taken the glasses out of the comic yet, plus you needed color on the newsstand.

But the interiors? 3-D!!

OK, it probably looks better with the glasses.

But look--3-D!!

A guy fighting an octopus--in 3-D!!

Dinosaurs--in 3-D!!

And Harvey did all kinds of books in 3-D. Look--Kiddie books!

Funny animal books!!

Because nothing says "this story needs 3 dimensions" than funny animals!!



Captain 3-D was a Simon/Kirby joint...

You wouldn't think you'd need to make a Kirby story 3-D, because his stuff already leapt off the page...but here you go:

Now, you've no doubt noted that each cover had this:

Allow me to call bullshit. Since these were 36 page comics in 1953, and Harvey was charging 25¢, there certainly was "extra cost" compared to "regular" comics.

Still, Harvey got some eye doctors to sign off on a statement  claiming that reading 3-D comics was good for children's eyes!

And 3-D, in all media, was the vanguard of the future!!

Well, not so much. Whether because of poor sales or high costs, none of the Harvey 3-D titles lasted more than 2 issues.

Now when do we get 4-D comics?


Siskoid said...

Hypercube comics, coming soon in a future near you.

Jason Glor said...

I remember a lot of 3d comics in the late 1980s also. Right around the time when there were tons of indy black and white books, there suddenly were a bunch of 3D comics as well. Blackthone had a ton of licensed 3D comics, like GI-Joe and Transformers. A quick Google search shows there was even a California Raisins 3D comic. I remember owning a lot of them. I was in high school with a part time job and a lot of disposable income back then and bought a ton of comics, many of which were pure crap.