Sunday, October 16, 2016

Why You Have To Be A Billionaire To Be A Crime-Fighter!!

It turns out that you can be too successful as a super-hero:

Yup--you're so good at stopping criminals, that the mayor himself fires you from your job as Special Prosecutor!! (You'd think that the city would still need someone to prosecute all the criminals Mr. Scarlet captured...sure, but would they need a special prosecutor, or could they get by with one of those minimum-wage temp prosecutors...?)

You might also think that having a law degree would mean that you'd be able to find another job. But apparently, 1943 was like 2016, in that there is apparently a glut of unemployed barristers!

Of course, setting up an office as a "crime consultant" might not have been a particularly bright move. Who hires a crime consultant, outside of Victorian Londoners?

So now, Mr. Scarlet and Pinky are dead broke. And hungry.

And the only thing worse than being broke and hungry?

Being broke and hungry and too proud to do anything about it!


Yes, let's try and mooch off people we saved before. That will get you admitted to the Squadron Of justice...I can see Batman showing up at the homes of people he's rescued, asking for a sandwich...

Well, they get to the dude's home, but he's being kidnapped, so instead of a free meal, they have to rescue him instead. No free lunch.

Even worse?

It's a rough life when you're a broke-ass super-hero, that's for sure. That's why Bruce Wayne and Oliver Queen have been so good for so long--they can afford the lifestyle!!

From Wow Comics #10 (1943)


Arynne said...

This one actually sounds like a pretty good comic...!

snell said...

Too long since we've heard from you, Arynne.

Yes, it was fun, in a Golden Age sorta way.