Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Who Needs A Police Artist, When You Have Sitcoms?!?

Young newspaper delivery boy Stephen unknowingly witnessed one of the perps who busted in the underground vault at the Diamond Exchange and ripped off all the diamonds!!

Clark Kent is on the job!!

Wait, what?!?

So Fonzie, BJ and Mork walk into a bank...Somehow I don't think this identification would stand up in a court of law...

Well, sure enough, Stephen's ID led to a bust (and a front page exclusive for Clark!):

And Stephen's reward?

Wait--his description saved millions of dollars worth of diamonds...and they bought him as bike?!?! A bike!?!?! Sheesh, talk about chintzy...

Then again, it's more of a reward than Clark gave him for the scoop...

From Superman Family #212 (1981)

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