Saturday, October 15, 2016

Help Batman Play Name That Tune!!

Batman and Two-Face are in trouble!!

So new protege Duke rides in to help:

Say, what the hell is that music he's playing? Let's listen to some more:

Man, I'm not sure what the hell that is...I'm not even sure how you'd play
as a musical note...

Perhaps Duke can explain?

So, wait...A group of ex-Arkham inmates puts together a death-metal band that plays impossible notes and mocks Batman with their very name?!? That may be the most Gotham thing ever...

Of course, given the difficulty of superheroes trademarking their own names (as likely that would mean having to reveal their own identities, or having a stand-in do it for them, putting their lives in jeopardy), Bruce probably couldn't sue. Then again, maybe Bruce *did* trademark the bat symbol and the rest during Batman Incorporated...? And of course Booster Gold did, so...

This probably means that pretty much every DC city of punk/metal/folk bands based upon/mocking heroes, right?

"Batman's @^$&^"? Hrm...

From All-Star Batman #3 (2016)

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Anonymous said...

Remember "Wendy Y. Bother and the Nouns" from Steve Gerber's "Phantom Zone" miniseries?

"Soopahgirl, you're a party poopah!
Wunnuh Woman, you're a party poopah!"