Thursday, October 20, 2016

Tales From The Quarter Bin--The Inhumans Did It First!!

You know, maybe I've been all wrong about the Inhumans!!

See, I've always thought that they were a monstrous creation, an absolute monarchy built on eugenics, with a permanent genetic underclass enslaved to make the trains run on time while the haughty royal family sits around opining how superior they are while occasionally going into space to commit genocide. A really repulsive concept, top to bottom.

Of course, matters aren't help by Marvel's constant attempts to shove the Inhumans down our throats as some sort of "replacements" for mutants, a move that is neither necessary nor sensible.

And yet...maybe it was the mutants that were stealing the Inhumans thunder all along!!

Because...and honestly, this was a big surprise to me--the Inhumans were called "Uncanny" before the X-Men ever were!!

In a long forgotten series, from 1975-1977, the Inhumans had Uncanny emblazoned above the masthead for all 12 issues!

Meanwhile, it turns out that the X-Men never had "Uncanny" on a cover until #114, more than a year after the last issue of that Inhumans run!!

Before that it was always "All-New, All-Different" (except for one issue that said "Now On Sale Monthly").

So it's pretty clear that the X-Men ripped off the Inhumans in the first place, as Marvel desperately tried to ram mutants down our throats to replace their obviously superior and much more interesting Terrigen-swilling despots!!


Nah, I don't believe it, either. The Inhumans suck. Always have, always will. Even if they were Uncanny first...


Prof. Chronotis said...

It's me again, your biggest fan! I've linked to this post on the Facebook page ( for a podcast I co-host (sometimes). We've been talking recently about what jerks the Inhumans have been recently and I was defending them based on my happy memories from the 70s. But, of course, in the end ... you're right. Wotta buncha jerks.

SallyP said...

Terrigan-swilling despots is such a beautifully descriptive term.

Warren JB said...

The man has a point.

... did the 'Pursuer' model his costume after a really big cockroach?

JohnnyBob said...

I had to do a double take on issue 2. I thought the villains were the 'Kraptoids'.