Saturday, October 1, 2016

Hey! Ho! Let's Not Go!!

I confess to constantly picking up on Archie comics for typically being years late hopping on the cools trends.

But next week, they're taking it to a new level:

I mean, I love the Ramones.

But all of the original members of the band are deceased. They haven't had a new album in over 20 years.

So now you decide to do Archie Meets The Ramones?!?

The movie Rock 'N' Roll High School is nearly 40 years old, and it's hard to think of a high school and student body less like Vince Lombardi High than Riverdale High.

Indeed, it is kind of sad seeing Archie & the gang try to leach onto some nostalgia for the glory days of punk, when there has probably never been a company and/or intellectual property less punk for its entire history than Archie (and it's also hard to think of an IP that punk would be less receptive of than whitebread middle of the road Archie comics). I mean, seriously:

Oh, well, as long as whoever holds the print media rights to the Ramones these days is happy, I guess I shouldn't begrudge Archie's attempts to manufacture some inauthentic ties to a long-dead cultural phenomenon....

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Warren JB said...

Maybe they're doing it to be ironic? Somehow Archie stealth-reforming itself into a hipster comic makes the best sense.