Monday, October 17, 2016

Manic Monday Triple Overtime--Never Send A Robot To Do A Mandroid's Job!

The Hulk is on a bit of a rampage in New York City:

Well, that kind of thing will happen when you make the guy part of a "non-team" that's based in NYC, right?

Anyway, the feds and the army get involved, and...

I guess this is the first drone? Non-aerial, at least?


So, robot didn't work out to well, eh? Well, I'm sure it wasn't too expensive, right...?

Wait...two and a half million dollars? $2.5 million? That's it?!?!

Good lord, that's not even half a Steve Austin!!! (And yes, The Six Million Dollar Man had been on the air for well over a year when this comic came out.)

$2.5 million? That's a rounding error? Good gravy, go and build 1,000 of them--surely quantity would work better against the Hulk, and you're still getting off cheaper than a B-2 or other contraption!! That amount had to be, what, maybe less than 1% of Thunderbolt Ross' usual operating budget (with the same results)!

And just for reference, that $2.5 million in 1974 adjusts after inflation to $12.2 million STILL super-cheap!

So, I'm just saying: $2.5 million wasn't a waste--it was one hell of a deal!! Plus: think of the toy tie-in sales for the Pentagon!!

From Giant-Size Defenders #2 (1974)


Invid said...

It's even more of a deal if some of that $2.5 million was R&D!

Mista Whiskas said...

And think of the economic stimulus in building it!