Monday, October 10, 2016

Manic Monday--The Best Way To Attract That Guy!!

Poor Meg has it bad for BMOC Dan!

Wait--"Satanic eyebrows" are attractive?!? Man, I will never get women...

Anyway, Meg works hard to find ways to attract Dan's attention--like posture!

And fashion!!

Well, that will work, right? Guys are always attracted posture and clothes!


Hey, wait, Dan likes music!!

So Meg quite rationally spends hours and hours and hours mastering an instrument:

That's gotta work, right?


Well, I guess Meg is out of options...until her cheeky younger brother accidentally gives some advice:


Really? A new hairdo is going to work?

Oh, yeah...

Off course, the story doesn't tell us what Meg would have had to do if other girls on campus already had pigtails--a mohawk? Go bald? Dye it green?

So remember, ladies--figure out the hair fetishes of your prospective man, and swish that pigtail!!

From Teen-Age Love #14 (1960)


Warren JB said...

"Man, I will never get women..."

I think that's what the writer said after his fifteenth draft.

SallyP said...

Black Satanic eyebrows... that Sam Donaldson is soooo dreamy!

B Smith said...

She figures to lure him by learning a musical instrument and chooses.....a clarinet?!

Guess riot grrrls were still a few decades off....