Monday, October 24, 2016

Manic Monday--How The Wedding Of The Century Won WWII!!

Do you want to know the real cause of Hitler's death?

Captain Marvel and Professor Sufoog have discovered an alternate Earth in the Macroverse (we're just an atom to them!):

Oh, dear, this is going to make Bizarro World looking straightforward, isn't it?

Well. Hitler Reltih has a secret plan to beat England Dnalgne!

Fortunately, the Big Red Cheese has a way to stop Reltih's plan!!

And so...

Holy moly!

After they return home...

One year later, Hitler was dead. Prove that it wasn't because Captain Marvel killed Reltih!!

From Captain Marvel Adventures #35 (1944)

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Warren JB said...

Wait, Hans? Hans? Snah, shurely!