Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Musical Solution To Brexit?

Brit-Cit--The Mega-City that encompasses all of England--has declared this National Song Year!!

So, at the slightest provocation, everyone, human and droid, breaks into song and dance. Like when discussing how Brit-Cit can become a utopia of human and droid cooperation:

See? All problems solved!! Much better than messy referendums and newspaper editorials and collapsing governments, right?

Unfortunately, it turns out that song and dance can be used for evil, too, as the anti-droid Human League demonstrates:

Oh, dear...I much preferred it when the Human League would sing songs like this:

Still, we can dream of the whole of the United Kingdom united in song and dance. Perhaps someday...

From 2000 D #294 (1982)

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