Monday, October 3, 2016

Manic Monday Triple Overtime--So This Doesn't Work Eveytime Because...?

"Tie up Cyclops and put a blindfold on him, and you've neutralized him," goes the old canard.

Oh, yeah?

So why doesn't Scott do this every time?

Fair question, true believer...

From X-Men #45 (1968)


Warren JB said...

Not to mention this seems to imply that Cyke can control his optic blasts, to some degree...

SF said...

He can control them a bit with his eyelids. So maybe a really careful squint?

Oh! More confusingly, he IS wearing his visor under there. Why does he have to blast the visor open? Didn't they specify that he had hand controls for it very early on? And it certainly appears to be working in the last panel there, that's a very carefully focused shot.

AND ... his optic blasts don't work via heat or anything like that, they just exert lots of force. How is it possible for his to hit the lead thing wrapping around his head without pushing the back of it through the back of his head?

Is Cyclops getting his eyes cover a common thing? The big example I can think of him being stopped with something on his eyes is during the Dark Phoenix saga, and it's explicitly stated there that the Hellfire Club is doing something to inhibit all their powers. Once Jean breaks that, he blasts the restraints off his eyes instantly.

The other thing that's wrong with this is the talk of Cyclops recharging. Wikipedia agrees with my faulty memory: "Early accounts describe Cyclops's optic beams as the product of his body metabolizing sunlight and other ambient energy." So "I haven't used my optic blasts in hours, they should be at their peak" when he's clearly in a building or underground seems pretty wrong. (I know there have been other explanations, but I think those came decades after this comic was published.)

SallyP said...

God, Scott is such a Drama Queen. I thought Ruby Quartz was the only thing that could hold back the awesome majesty of his Optic Blasts?