Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Best Cover You've Never Seen--Space Action #2 (1952)

Cover by Lou Cameron (probably...).

Allow me to note that it's a good thing that our space guy is wearing a reflective visor, otherwise we'd never know what was happening here! I kid, I kid, it's a time-honored and fun motif.

Secondly, no scene even vaguely resembling this happens anywhere in the comic. So another proud tradition upheld!!

Finally, let us praise the power of adjectives! These are "unusual planetary adventures," as opposed to the usual planetary adventures!! Of course, the "weird threat of the space giants" is much more frightening than the normal and every day threat of the space giants. And the monsters from Galaxy X wouldn't be nearly as frightening if they weren't silicon monsters!

However, calling your tales "terrible" was probably a mistake, and might explain why there were only three issues in this series...

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Jason Glor said...

Looks like it says "Terrific" to me.