Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Strange Tale Of Erasmus Luthor!!

You all remember Lex Luthor's good twin brother, Erasmus, right? Right?!?!

No? Well, it's quite a tale. You see, one day Lex Luthor called a press conference in Metropolis...except:

See, Lex Luthor had held Erasmus Luthor captive his whole life, and forced Erasmus to make evil inventions for him!

Because Metropolis' prisons accept convicts dropped off by parachute!!

Anyway, the now free and publicly-known Erasmus goes on to set world on fire--in a good way!


See, there is no Erasmus. Lex used a piece of Red Kryptonite and super-science to turn Superman into an exact replica of Lex!! So he put Kal-El in prison, while he pretends to be his own good twin in order to build the public's trust!!

And now it's time for the good Erasmus to ask for everyone's iPhone passwords:

Well, that's enough. Time for the World's Finest team to kick your ass, Lex!

See, they had gotten wind of Luthor's plan through a captured flunky. So Batman disguised himself as Superman, and therefore wasn't effected by the red kryptonite, and did a quick change into a Luthor mask, while Superman pretended to be Batman, and...

But Luthor's got a pretty good question:


Poor Lex...

From Superman Annual #9 (1983)


Jason Glor said...

Well, at least this time Superman used super-dickery to punk Lex Luthor instead of Lois or Jimmy

George Chambers said...

"That's my best friend on Earth... climbing up a wall for no good reason and laughing like a maniac. He's a little eccentric."