Sunday, July 24, 2016

Flash's Most Tragic Day?

From back in the days when covers actually told you what was going on inside the comic:

Oh, really? And what is the most tragic day in the life of the Flash?

OK, I guess that would be kind of a bummer.

And that was no mere symbolic splash page:

Well, this was the Silver Age, and DC didn't destroy entire cities just to torture their heroes back then, so you know there's an out:

Yup, DC Science in the form of Flash's speed and a "time viewer/recreator" has teleported Central City to the year 4005:

Well, Barry solves the problem by running faster (and, surprisingly, he didn't have to have three different scientists shouting "run faster" into his earpiece!):

So, a happy ending to the most tragic day in Flash's life!!

Unless you count the day his wife was murdered. Or when he sacrificed his life to save the cosmos. Or when his protogee was killed. Or when his son was killed. Or when his greatest villain traveled back in time and killed his mother. or when Barry traveled back in time to stop that, but in doing so created a vicious hellscape of a timeline, and then undoing that wiped out his entire history. Or...

Man, "most tragic day of the Flash's life" was a lot less depressing back in the Silver Age...

From Flash #184 (1968)

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SallyP said...

I never realized just how often Barry would destroy the DC universe! It... seems to be a habit of his.