Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Golden Age Idol--Micro-Face!!

Back when we were talking about The Boy King and his mechanical giant...

Some of you saw this on the cover:

And wanted to know what the hell that was about.

You had to ask...

Tom Woods' brother, a police officer, was killed by the mob. Since it was the Golden Age, there was only one rational response:

See, it's a mask that basically gives him Superman's head powers!!

And thus was born the rather stupidly named...MICRO-FACE!!

He used those "photo-electric eyes" for X-ray vision...

...and microscopic vision...

And he was able to tap phone lines!!

Well, that's perfectly legal!

But the ability he used most often was the "microphone-amplified voice which can appear to come from anywhere"--or, super-ventriloquism by any other name!!

Because crooks are not only a cowardly and superstitious lot...

...they'll start blasting in any old direction when they hear sounds they don't like!

Otherwise, he just punched crooks and turned therm over to the police.

So, yeah, Micro-Face. Pretty boring guy. Sorry, really no way to lipstick on this pig. Super-ventriloquism and sticking live phone wires in your mask doesn't make for the most exciting case for reviving a lost Golden Age hero. Unless we discover that the reason turned down his "Micro-Mask" was that it slowly drove the user insane, and...[Editor's Note--Again, snell is not allowed to write comics. Please don't encourage him.]

From Clue Comics #1-5 (1943)

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