Sunday, July 17, 2016

Exclusive--Behind The Scenes Of Civil War II!!

A sneak peak inside the Marvel creative summit where they came up with Civil War II:

"...and then [REDACTED] kills [REDACTED], even that's kinda way outta character, and [REDACTED] is performing a role he couldn't possibly, just 'cause I used to write the guy, and..."

"Yes, Brian, whatever, we'll undo whatever you do, just have the scripts in on time."

Oh, geez, sorry, I thought that was Bendis and Breevort, not Reed and Franklin Richards. Hahahah...I certainly didn't mean to imply that Civil War II is a slapdash barely-plotted child's stream of consciousness idea of an event! That would be just silly to suggest that Marvel's event would generally be better if they just threw random action figures together and Axe-Copped it! Nope, not me, never...

From Fantastic Four #226 (1981)

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SallyP said...

Proof that Reed is an even worse father than Odin