Sunday, July 3, 2016

Sissy, Total Namby-Pamby, Or Real He-Man?!?

The story of my love life:

Yeah, he's such a sissy!

Brett and Connie meet at a Florida resort...

And faster than you can say Love Boat, they fall madly for each other!

But soon, Connie began to see signs that Brett wasn't really the man of her dreams.

For example:

He doesn't like to swim?!? That bastard!


No horseback riding!?!?


No tennis!?!?

There's only one conclusion to be drawn:

He's a perfect namby-pamby!!

So, with complete justification, Connie begins to treat Brett like shit:

Wow. Tell him how you really feel, Connie!!

But Connie, for some reason, still sorta kinda likes the big lug, so she pulls a Lois Lane, just to torment him him for being a sissy. But...

It doesn't turn out so well...

Well, it's time for the lecture from our patronizing doctor!

You know how tough it is to be a man?

So tough that you have to hide life-threatening conditions, even if it causes the woman you love to think you're a sissy!! That's what a man does!!

(Although, don't think that I won't stoop to using the "life-threatening condition" excuse next time someone wants me to get off my fat ass and exercise or something...)

Well, Brett doesn't die, so we have a tearful reunion...

...and a completely healthy marriage!

Laying it on kinda of thick there, Connie...

I shan't speculate about their intimate marital relations...but if horseback riding and swimming and tennis are enough to threaten his life, if "any strenuous activity might cause his death," well...

From Love Letters #22 (1952)


Martin Gray said...

What a nasty bint. He should have stole Marvin from her.

SallyP said...

Boy, those old Romance comics weren't much for subtlety were they?

Mista Whiskas said...

This lady seems worse than the one you profiled recently who was going to cheat on her husband with a 'Mr. Perfect' until she found out the latter was bald.