Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday-Night Fights--Lamont Cranston Style!!

Hey, this week, let's feature The Shadow on Friday Night Fights!!

No, not that one!!

This one!!

See, when Archie Comics had the Shadow licence for 10 minutes back in the 60s, they very quickly dumped the murderous pulp mentalist angle, and turned him into a straight long-underwear-wearing super-hero!!

So when Lamont Cranston walks in on Margo Lane being kidnapped by the bad guys...

He's not going to use Jedi mind tricks to freak out the bad guys. No menacing laugh, no invisibility of mind control, no guns, even.

Nope, Lamont just full-on powerless mystery man--lots of quips and punches!!


Spacebooger thinks that this style of crime-fighting is much easier to clean up than a pile of bullet-ridden corpses!!

Laughless Lamont is from The Shadow #3 (1964). There's so confusion over the credits, as either Robert Bernstein or Jerry Siegel--or both--wrote it. Pencils and inks are by Paul Reinman

Now is the time for you to go and vote for my fight. Why?!? Because you should support cleaning up those grimy, naughty pulp stories into nice, clean, generic stories!! So go and vote!!

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