Saturday, July 30, 2016

Spoiler Saturday--Another New Power?!?!

You'd think, with everything that a Kryptonian under a yellow sun can do, you wouldn't need to keep inventing new powers for them.

Jon (can we start calling him Superboy yet?) Lois are watching Superman fight Doomsday on TV, because it's better than watching BvS.

And Jon gets a little excited upon seeing a particular mammoth blow from his papa:

So, wait...Kryptonians are super-loud?!?!

Now, in fairness, Jon is a Kryptonian/human hybrid, so maybe this "so loud he shatters glass and can be heard in the next state" thing is unique to him. And he came from another dimension, so maybe it's like Silver Age Black Canary, and he now has vocal powers!!

Still, enough is enough, guys--can we just hit the brakes on any new super-powers? At least for awhile?

From Action Comics #960 (2016)


tomg said...

Silver Age Superboy had super-shout ability. I know I have seen it used in old Adventure comics, but a quick Google search revealed this gem:

top_cat_james said...

In the non-superhero vein, there was Screamy Mimi, a back-up feature from the old Dennis the Menace comic books -

notintheface said...

Remember this story?