Tuesday, July 19, 2016

How The JSA Caused The Prison-Industrial Complex!!

Wonder how America became so addicted to incarceration? Blame the JSA!

Johnny Thunder is wandering around being a goofball, and one by one the members of the Justice Society go out looking for him.

And in every case, they run into vast pockets of crime--in the same city and the same issue!

First up, Flash deposits some crooks at the city jail:

Next, Doctor Fate drops off a gang:

Then, Sandman goes plumb loco:

See--right there!! The head cop explicitly says that the JSA are responsible for the prison-building boom!!

Oh, and the Atom adds on to the burgeoning prison population!

Two new jails?!? How much unsolved crime was there in this town, anyway?!?!?

Green Lantern contributes to the overcrowding:

Remember, this is all one issue!! The JSA, pretty much just by accident, catches enough crooks to force the city to build two new wings AND two new jails!!

Don't worry, though--the Spectre won't contribute to this problem...

...even in 1941, he just straight-up killed the bad guys he encountered!!

From All-Star Comics #6 (1941)


anthrax2525 said...

That's also one flat-out incompetent police force, too.

Paul Smith said...

"A flower ... for your funeral!" Ah man, that's DOWN!