Saturday, May 28, 2016

Spoiler Saturday--Yes, There Really Is A Kalamazoo!!

So, in this week's Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur #7, a young Kree named Mel-Varr comes to Earth to capture an Inhuman, to prove to his jerk father and jerk fellow Kree that he's not a loser.

His target? The least powerful Inhuman his computer could find: Lunella Lafayette--Moon Girl!!

So he disguises himself as a human--from where, now?

OK, just wait one darned minute now...

Inside of Lunella's Yancy Street classroom, well, there's considerable the concept that Kalamazoo exists!


Yes, we exist, urban lad who believes in aliens and big red dinosaurs and super-heroes, but not in my hometown!

We're right here on the map:

A true New Yorker should already know that, as Yankee superstar Derek Jeter was raised here!!

I won't turn this into a local tourism commercial here (Gibson guitars!! Upjohn!! Checker Motors! Bells Brewery!). But yes, unnamed lad (and writers Brandon Montclare & Amy Reeder), we are indeed real.

Oh, yes, and there's that song:

Check out that dance number at the end!

So, Kalamazoo--real place, not the home of invading evil aliens.

Although if you want to pronounce it Kal-elmazoo and pretend Superman came from here, be my guest...

Also, you should be reading Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur, because it's a really excellent book!

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