Monday, May 16, 2016

Manic Monday--This Guy Just Can't Stay Out Of Trouble!!

Hey, did you ever what happened to that one guy from the cover of Action Comics #1?

Yeah, this guy!

Whatever happened to this guy?

Well, it looks like he moved to New York and got caught up in some shenanigans around a Broadway play!

I can't say for sure that cover artist Robert Williams Meyers was referencing that iconic Superman cover, but for purposes of this cow-town puppet-show blog, I will confidently assert that this guy was, indeed, the exact same character. Poor guy just can't stay out of trouble...

From Dell Four Color #1336 (1962). On Stage was a contemporary newspaper comic strip by Leonard Starr.


libraryguy said...

Excellent comics historian work.

SallyP said...

that is just...uncanny!