Monday, May 9, 2016

Manic Monday Triple Overtime--Daredevil Should Try This Way To Cure His Blindness!

Ain't love grand?

OK. maybe not...

You see, David Allen is in the hospital recovering from the accident that blinded him, and nurse Doris falls for the poor lug:

But David pulls the scene you see on the cover, refusing love because it's probably just pity:

Whatta schmuck.

As David is about to ship home, he goes to say goodbye to Doris:

Dude, get over yourself!!

Ah, but then comes the twist!

Ah, the Gilligan's Island theory of psychiatry--if you drop a coconut on someone's head and it causes them amnesia/seeing thing upside down/whatever, another blow on the head will cure them!!

So Doris decides that this is the precise moment to engineer an "emotional shock" that might magically restore David's vision!

Whoa--totally overdoing it there, Doris...totally harsh!!

But does it work?!?

Now Doris gets to claim take-backs for all those mean things she said!

So, he's certain that he was so pitiable that no woman could truly love him...and she was certain that she was so special that her disdain would prove an equal emotional shock as seeing one of his buddies killed!! Healthy relationship here...what's the over/under on this marriage?

From True War Romances #4 (1953) as reprinted in Wedding Bells #19 (1956)

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Dan said...

...I found this exceedingly sweet but then again I've been drinking.