Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Love, Batroc Style!!

How to celebrate a billion-dollar ransom scheme?

Well, when you're Batroc, the answer is...love!!

SPOILER ALERT--Batroc doesn't get any farther than this, because of Captainus interruptus.

But hey, no hard feelings, right, Batroc?

Man, if only more people were as cool as Batroc...

From Captain America #252 (1980)


SF said...

What was John Byrne doing drawing Captain America? (I thought I recognized the hand behind that floorplan from earlier in the week...)

snell said...

Roger Stern & Byrne had a brief but brilliant run on Cap in 1980-81, issues #247-255. Batroc, Mr. Hyde, Baron Blood, Machinesmith, Cap running for president...amazing stuff.