Saturday, May 7, 2016

Spoiler Saturday--Scooby-Doo Team-Up #16

The best comic book out this week, by far?

This one:


And now I'm going to spoil the living hell out of it. Because I know not you're believing me on how beautiful it is, and I need to convince you to buy it when you head into your Local Comics Shoppe today for FCBD.

So after the 3 Scooby Doo pictures, spoilage commences. Come back later if you don't want to be spoiled....

OK, spoilers commence!

#1 cool thing about this story? While the cover maintains the ridiculous "SHAZAM Family" facade, in the interior Solly Fisch gives zero fraks about ridiculous corporate diktats:

Yup, they're called by their traditional names, and referred to as "The Marvel Family" throughout. Take that, nu52 idiots!!

#2 cool thing about this story?

Tawky Tawny and Uncle Marvel, completely unironically. Because old school, fools!!

#3 cool thing about this comic book (and honestly, the coolest)?

Yeah, they went there.

#4 cool thing about this book?

Mar-Velma tricks IBAC into turning back into a mortal...

...while Freddy totally pulls an "updog" on SABBAC:

Gotta love dumb villains.

#5 cool thing about this book: Old Man Shazam reveals how Shaggy and Velma transformed:

Look, I haven't bought any issues of Scooby Doo Team-Up before this. But this issue is making me reconsider that stance.

And given that it's been 4+ years since Geoff Johns ruined reinvented the Marvel Family as a concept, yet ZERO creators at DC seem in the least bit interested in doing anything whatsoever with the new concept, this is the best dose of Shazam that we're going to get for awhile.

So go buy it, and enjoy!

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JohnnyBob said...

Given Marvel's recent tendency to follow DC ideas (I'm expecting The Great 48 or The Nifty 50), I imagine Marvel Team-Up will provide us with Spider-Man and Super Goof any day now.