Sunday, May 8, 2016

Bold Fashion Choices--The (Almost) Naked Time!!

I bet you didn't know that Father Time went around fighting crime nearly nude!

Larry Scott's father was wrongly convicted and executed for a crime he didn't commit, so Larry decided to fight crime. Fair was the Golden Age.

And for his first adventure, Larry did wear actual clothing while battling evil:

 But by his second outing, it was time ditch the grey body stocking for...well, au naturel!!

So much exposed flesh...

When fighting crime consists of wearing only boots, briefs, and a hood, well...I'm sure the near nudity alone scared criminals:

Good gosh, put on some clothes, man!!

Somehow, I'm not sure the citizenry felt safer when they saw this roaming there neighborhoods at night!

Then again, if I were a crook, a nearly naked man throwing scythes at me would be a pretty good incentive to give up crime!

Of course, Larry's choice of costume provided, some...well...uncomfortable poses and shots:

And of course...


Father Time was created by Stan and Al Avison...I'm not sure which get the blame praise for this "costume."

You have to love a hero who is exposing himself while exposing crime!

At least this makes the Grim Reaper's costumes look good by comparison...

No, I have no idea how/why the clock on his chest always showed a different time...

From Captain America Comics #6 & #9 (1941)


Prof. Chronotis said...

Hey, we don't complain about Phantom Lady's near-nudeness! He could be called Father Equal Time.

B Smith said...

He must have the same tailor as the Spectre.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...if you look at the first picture, and the "breaking into the hideout" one, it looks more like he's wearing a flesh-colored shirt and leggings instead. Look at the folds and wrinkles!

Smurfswacker said...

Nothing better illuminates comics' eternal double standard. There have been hundreds of superheroines running around is as little--or less--and it's only the nearly-nude guys who look odd.