Monday, May 23, 2016

Manic Monday Triple Overtime--That Parker Luck!!

As Spider-Man has put the wraps on yet another dust-up with the Green Goblin, how does Peter Parker celebrate?

(Yes, that's Mary Jane. For about 10 minutes back then, she wore her hair like that...)

Well. I think we all know how this night ended up, right?

So next time you hear our hero whining about the "old Parker luck," just remember the night that Peter Parker got to ride the tricycle (Probably. We think.).

From Spider-Man Spectacular #2 (1968), as reprinted in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #9 (1973)

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Mista Whiskas said...

With the success of Deadpool there's talk of making more 'R' rated superhero films, here's a potential beginning for one right here...