Monday, May 23, 2016

Manic Monday--Special Preview Of The Black Panther Movie!!

Ladies and gentleman...presenting:

The Black Panther!!!

OK, OK, maybe it's not the Black Panther you were expecting...but come on, have an open mind!

PRO: No hard names like T'Challa and Wakanda for the audience (and actors!) to learn!

PRO: Sure, he's been white-washed...but damn, that costume is sexy!!

PRO: Edna Turnblad may have pronounced against capes...but she never said "no tails!" What could possibly go wrong?

PRO: He'll save the penal system a lot of money!

PRO: This was the one and only appearance of this Black Panther, and we don't know a single thing about him--not his true identity, not his power set, notthing. So he's a perfect blank slate for those who are always worried that continuity is destroying our comics/movies--because this guy has no continuity!!

The better, whiter Black Panther--think about it, won't you?

From Star And Stripes Comics #3 (1941)

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