Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How The Other Half Lives!!

You know it's a day that ends in a "y" if Betty and Veronica are trashing each other's lifestyle.

Well, you know that means it's time for a sitcom style life-swap!

See? I told you!!

So, of course, Veronica learns how awful the "simple life" is:

Umm, frak you, Veronica?

OMG, how awful!!

Well, if we're to go by the number of panel dedicated to Betty's travails, we're supposed to think that the 1% have it much rougher than the rest of us:


OMG, no!!

How will you ever survive, Cooper?!?

Of course, the comic tries to get us to believe in the false equivalence...

Yeah, clearly the fantastically wealthy lead lives of such travail that we simple folks should pity them.

From Betty And Veronica #290 (1979)

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