Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Name The Monster Contest!!

How to make the hard transition from holiday weekend to work week?

A contest!!

Oh, dear. How about a name of "Freaking Nightmare" with the why of "OMG that pink belly makes the monster look seriously frightening"?

What's the prize for this contest?

A pool!! Great!! But I live in an apartment/home without a large enough yard! What does the small print say?

Ah, the old $1000 savings bond ploy!.

Also, I like how they try to game you with the "pool is free, installation not included" scheme.

There were lots (and lots) of other prizes (albeit mostly from "lesser" toy companies):

Well, I can't offer anyone a pool, or any actual prize at all, besides fame and, well...not even fame, really. Still, there are worse ways to spend the morning. So give a name to the hideous abomination cute monster!

From Space War #12 (1961)

1 comment:

Dan said...

I dub him Snell. Mwahahahaha. Hoisted by thine own petard!