Friday, December 4, 2015

Where Do They Get Those Wonderful Toys, Part 2!

Another item from Thunderbolt Ross' anti-Hulk arsenal:

Wait wait wait--you have a "neuron-magnet, designed to attract and hold living beings"?!?!?!

OK, sure, Hulk managed to smash the magnet...but c'mon, couldn't that have uses in about 10,000 other situations? Wouldn't it be useful next time Doc Ock, or the Frightful Four, or the Red Skull shows up?

Hell, couldn't it be useful in, oh, I don't know, war?!?!? fails once, and the army abandons the idea. Typical.

The neuron-magnet is probably sitting right next to the Ark in a government warehouse right now, gathering dust...

From Incredible Hulk #5 (1963)

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