Friday, December 4, 2015

Where Do They Get Those Wonderful Toys? Part 1

It's time for the U.S Army to test out their newest anti-Hulk weapon!!

Wait wait wait--they have a jet-powered Hulk "copy"?? To hell with weapons--let's just play with that all day!! Keep sending it over French airspace, make them think the Hulk is attacking...laugh riot!!

Ah, but back to work, and testing boring old weapons that won't work:

Well, that's nice. It works on a non-sentient, non-moving "copy." But will it work on the real thing?

We find out the very next issue:



Back to the drawing board, Thunderbolt!!

From Incredible Hulk #4 (1962) & #5 (1963)

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Martin Gray said...

So the Hulk is super-hot? Bet that never came up again!