Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Star Wars--A Prologue

Guess what time it is?

 Yeah, *that* movie is coming soon.

In honor of the resurrection of that franchise, they'll be a few Star Wars posts around in in the next couple of weeks.

Why? Like my blog-buddy Siskoid, I tend not to talk about Star Wars much around here.

Not that I don't love Star Wars--I've got tickets for opening night, and 2nd night, and...

But I try to keep things mainly comics-focused around here, and for whatever reason, I never latched onto the 28 trillion Star Wars comics that Dark Horse published over 20+ years. (I think Bully has that covered, though).

Still, I've got some thoughts about the movies I'd like to share, and this is as appropriate a venue as any. So don't be shocked when I occasionally delve into the galaxy far far away over the next few days.

Meanwhile, a wacky accident during Lucasfilm's digitizing the original trilogy has lead to Sergio Aragones' accidentally being transported into the movies!! Let's watch!!

Oh, if only that were true...



Sergio Aragones Stomps Star Wars #1 is from 2000

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