Thursday, December 10, 2015

I Say Thee Nay--Matt Murdock's 4-Way Disguise!!

There's trouble in New York City!!

The Cobra and Mr. Hyde are running amok on a crime spree. But Daredevil can't seem to track them down!

Oh, and it's a good plan!

Yup, since they were originally Thor villains, Matt decides that if he poses as Thor, he can draw them out, because bad guys can't resist revenge!

So we get Gene Colan drawing Daredevil dressed up as Thor!


But wait.....

This is back when Matt was pretending his made-up twin brother Mike was really Daredevil!!

So we have Gene Colan drawing Matt Murdock pretending to be Mike Murdock as Daredevil who is dressing up as Thor!!

And the public? They're fooled!

Well, the disguise works too well, as the real thunder god hears that someone is impersonating him, which leads to a super-hero fight, which leads to Daredevil being ambushed by Hyde and Cobra, which leads to Daredevil being blinded, which...look, it's a long story--we'll get to it another time!!

Matt as Mike as Hornhead as Goldilocks is from Daredevil #30 (1967)

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