Sunday, December 6, 2015

Even Super-Genius Computer Brains Come Up With Dumbass Plans!!

Yesterday, we saw that Supergirl took her ex-boyfriends to a mausoleum inside a giant mechanical space dragon and turned them into stone statues. No, honestly!

So what really going on?

Well, we've got to start on one of those space-prison planets:

Yes, Kimor had quite the way with the ladies...

Well, that's just what Brainiac was looking for!!

He stages a jailbreak for Kimor...why?

Ah, the old "domination over the emotional responses of the female sex" plan!!

So, Brainiac transfers Kimor's irresistability into his robot (and then blasts Kimor into space!) Why?

OK, you probably think that you know what Brainiac's plan was. Trust me, you don't!!

Kimor enrolls at Stanhope University as "Kim," and proceeds to use his "charms" on Linda Danvers...

...and Supergirl:

Yup, no one can resist Kimor.

But what's the point?

Fortunately, in this era, we still had thought balloons. SO let's let Brainiac thinkslpain to us:


That's a plan, I guess. Make her fall in love with a robot, have the robot "commit suicide" because of her, so she'll blame herself for his death and quit being Supergirl. (Apparently, unlike the Man Of Steel movie, in this universe, you don't get your first killing for free).

Well, there's absolutely no way that plan could have gone wrong.


Kimor pulled a switch, and posed as his own robot duplicate...

...and Supergirl sussed out that Kim was working for Brainiac, so she turned the "suicide rendezvous" into the "I petrify all of my ex-boyfriends" ploy, to draw Brainiac out.

Because in the Silver Age, the only proper response to a villain's insane and unlikely plan is to come up with an even more unlikely and more insane plan of your own!!

From Adventure Comics #388 & 389 (1970)


Destiny Dueler said...

So wait Kim switched the robot with himself so he confronted Supergirl right? So how did he survive the explosiob?

snell said...

Sorry that my cutting and pasting was unclear. Kim switched himself Brainiac thinking to himself how his plan would work. There was never any explosion, because a)Kim wasn't really a robot, and thus not programmed as a suicide bomber, and b) Kara interrupted the plan by taking Kim to the petrification mausoleum.

B Smith said...

Hope they'll be adapting this story in the new Supergirl TV show...