Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Important Notice For Collectors Of Action Figures!!

If you're one of those people who spends a lot of time collecting action figures and figurines and statuettes and the like, you might want to be careful.

Because when you haunt the local Target and Toys 'R' Us to be the first to dig through the new shipment, you might not be getting what you think you're getting!

Look what happened in Fawcett City, where a small shop was suddenly doing boffo business is such a trade:

For the record, that's The Black Wizard, Madame Bella Donna, and Hector...not a trio you would think would be in a legitimate business!!

And you'd be right, because...


Yup, the bad guys are kidnapping "orphan children beggars" and "human derelicts" and turning them into pricey statues!!

But the Black Wizard has decided it's time to up their more common figurines, only ultra-rare collectors items. As they break into a house in the swankier part of town...

$25,000?!?! Talk about your mint rarities!!

And the beauty part is, he'll pay!!

Wow, he's really got the collector fever!!

Well, Mary Marvel and Cap Jr. get involved, but through extreme carelessness...

Yes, yes they will.

Fortunately, Captain Marvel Sr comes to help out:

And so order is restored to the world...

...and the bottom falls out of the statue collecting business in Fawcett City!

Remember...all of those action figures and figurine you have...they might be real people transformed by magic dust! Open the package, and let them breath!!

From Marvel Family #51 (1950)

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