Saturday, December 12, 2015

This Is How You Sent Texts In The 70s!!

We've all heard the joke about opening a fortune cookie and finding the fortune inside says, "Help! I'm being held prisoner in a fortune cookie factory!"

Well, even the lamest joke is a life-threatening crisis in Metropolis!

Clark Kent--Big Tipper!!


Man--just how much mozzarella do these guys use on their pizza?!?

Insert you own jokes below...

From Superman #277 (1974)


Sina said...

??? :/ ...they had pizza in 1974? :/ :D

Sina said...

Also, isn't this more of a "Batman"-type detective observation? The "he's so jittery", etc? :/ 'cause otherwise, Supes should be able to tell "something's wrong" by the boy's accelerated heartbeat/shorted breath/random krypton telepathic mind-empathy-thing that they came with & made-up junk out of :/ :D

PS: if this *were* Bats, he'd have the case finished in two minutes after tasting the cheese & realizing that it's an ultra-rare Italian import brought into town by only one warehouse over the the east side of Gotham known as 'Little Parma', as in "parmesan cheese?", "Right, Robin...let's go!" :) :P

Sina said...

I thot the ninja turtles invented pizza in 1985? :/ :P :D