Monday, December 21, 2015

Manic Monday Bonus--Heck Yes!!!

Heaven knows, Don Heck never gets enough credit.

Perhaps even worse, he's become maligned by some. To children of the 1980s, his art seemed not as flashy, not as realistic as they'd come to expect, to old-fashioned. His named was too easily punned with "hack." And certain comic magazine publishers who couldn't tell the difference between Heck and Sal Buscema egged on famous writers who had no idea of what they were talking about to delcare Heck the "worst artist of all time."

Well, there's a whole bag of  "Frak yous" for those guys.

If you've hung around here often enough, you know my level of respect for Heck, who never gets enough credit for his role in Marvel's Silver Age:

I mean, just look at that!!

But he was more than just super-heroes. Most of you punks don't know squat about his 50s pre-Code  horror work...and here's your chance to fix that:

IDW's Yoe Books line is putting out their latest collection of classic 1950s horror work, and it's all Heck, all the time!

And, yeah, there's Hitler's Head:

Heck could bring the horror, and this is a great chance to see some of those stories.

You can pre-order the book here on Amazon for a January release, or just take a free peak at some of interior pages. Or it will be showing up at your local comics shoppe in the next few weeks, if they ordered it.

Oh, and did I mention Hitler's Head?

Don Heck. Respect.

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