Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Secret Origin Of Easter Island?

Supergirl, Season 2:

Wow, that's kind of harsh, Kara.

Before you dismiss this as a fever-dream Silver Age cover, you should know that this scene actually happens.

Well, there is one difference. Instead of some grassy knoll somewhere, Kara's collection of stone ex-boyfriends is inside of a mechanical space dragon...

Goddamn, space is an interesting place!!

Zoiks, Scoob!! Is that Freddie Jones there on the left? Oh, Kara, what have you done? How many other cartoon characters have you petrified with your spurned love? Speed Racer? Johnny Quest? Archie?!?!!?

Yup, the Maid Of Might is pretty much psycho. Nothing else to see here...

Pay no attention to that offstage voice!! There's nothing to see here!! Move along. It's enough to know that Supergirl has a collection of petrified ex-boyfriends!!

Oh, OK, you want to know what's really going on? Come back tomorrow, and all will be explained!

From Adventure Comics #389 (1970)

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Martin Gray said...

Hmm, so a ruse to bring out the master manipulator? But why would they care about petrified chaps? I need to know now!