Monday, December 28, 2015

Manic Monday Triple Overtime--Mano A Mano

Look, if DC is going to insist on having Batman fight Superman, because that somehow leads to justice, can we at the very least insist on a straight up gladiator fight?

Isn't that much more tolerable? No innocent bystanders, no collateral damage...just pump in some of the original Star Trek fight music, and you've got you're damned movie!!

Or, if shields and swords are too boring for you:

Of course, if we have to have a Superman vs. Somebody movie, you know who it should be:

Because, man, I would buy an awful lot of tickets to watch Kal-El pummel Hal Jordan...

World's Finest Comics #143 is from 1964, #163 from 1966. and #201 from 1971

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