Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Why There Are No Werewolves In Gotham City!

A WGBS camera was trampled by a cattle stampede! But Superman needs that film to solve a musketry!

Fortunately, the Batcave is like the Apple Genius Bar for 1970s DC super-heroes:

Yes, Batman can spot werewolves just by looking at their human form.

That's a pretty good course in "super-naturalism."

SPOILER ALERT: He's right...

From World's Finest #214 (1972)


Anonymous said...

It's the monobrow.

SallyP said...

squinty eyes?

Jason Atomic said...

Yeah it'll be that eyebrow, personally I always thought the painter Frieda Kahloooooooooo must be a lycanthrope for exactly this reason.