Monday, May 4, 2015

Manic Monday Triple Overtime: Avengers 3?!?

Look, you can have a boring old "we're going to fight Thanos over the Infinity Gems" story for the next Avengers movie.

Or you can have this:

The choice is obvious.

See, in this alternate dimension, Captain America was quick enough to rescue Dr. Erskine from being assassinated. So, their was Super-Soldier Serum a-plenty, and the U.S. won WWII in about a month.

The result?



Definitely not yay!

See, it turns out that Cap still ended up getting frozen. But the Red Skull had Arnim Zola put his mind into a cloned body of Steve Rogers, and that's the guy we stupid Americans kept electing president. Well, he did keep giving us serum to make us "perfect," so...

Anyway, hobo Namor still finds the frozen Cap...

But S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Frank Castle has been given a special suit by Tony Stark to help track down Namor, and...


Well, after Cap thaws out, of course he gets these guys to stop fighting, and follow him!

They go recruiting. And they find Logan:

See, there was no Canadian Weapon X project, because the U.S. conquered Canada (sorry, Siskoid!) And...

But it's OK, because he's a good wendigo, you see.

They find Sam Wilson, and since Hank Pym has been murdered...

And Thor joins up because Thor, and...

Well, they kill the Skull, shut off the super-soldier serum supply, and free America. But...

They all die in the process. The end.

Sure, it's a downer ending. But seriously, aren't you sick of Infinity crap?

From What If? #29 (1991)

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