Monday, May 18, 2015

Manic Monday--Don't Try This With The Nu52!!

From the letters page in Superboy #123 (1965):

So, seriously, Warren Anschultz of Wilson, Kansas, apparently went through his Superboy comics, and actually counted the the number of  "Friendly Expressions" on young Kal-El's face versus the the number of times he frowned?

Kids, this is the kind of thing we had to do to amuse ourselves before the internet and cable TV...

I really (really) hope that Warren didn't stick with comics long enough to try this little game out with, say, the nu52. The ratios of frowns to smiles has to be, what, 90%-10%? One can only imagine the wrath his letters would contain (not that DC actually prints, or even reads, letters anymore...)

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